Hartley&Marks Group

Hartley&Marks Group was founded in 1973. Operating under the imprint of Cloudburst press, it began as a publisher of books dedicated to design, sustainable building, alternative health, and craft. The company’s passion for typography and design led to the founding of Typeworks, which for two decades remained one of North America’s premier sources of typesetting for literary and academic publishers. In 1991, Hartley&Marks began a transition into a broader range of book publishing. While maintaining a focus on publishing regular books, the company introduced Paperblanks®, a collection of beautiful notebooks based upon its long history in bookbinding design. With nearly four decades of experience in print publishing and typography, the company is led by passionate professionals who believe the written word matters, and that blank books have a critical role to play in the art of writing. Hartley&Marks Group continues to expand globally, with offices in Canada, the United States, Ireland, Japan and China. In addition to launching Alusi® candles in 2012,  Hartley&Marks is excited to have launched a new notebook brand, Paper-Oh®, in 2014.